Obergurgl 2019

Obergurgl 2019

Quantum Networks and Non-equilibrium Systems

The aim of the workshop will be to identify new directions in research in networked quantum systems away from equilibrium, building on the combined expertise of the participants, including nanomechanical and hybrid devices.




Obergurgl is located in the Ötztal in Tyrol (the 3300 years old mummy "Oetzi the Iceman" was named after the valley and was found in a glacier close to that place). It is a prominent skiing resort in winter and a nice and relaxing alpine resort in summer.


The conference will be held at the University Centre Obergurgl, which is associated with the University of Innsbruck. The Obergurgl University Center is located at an altitude of 1940 meters above sea-level, right by the ski slopes and just five minutes from the heart of the village.

How to get there

We have organized group buses. Please let us know if you join these buses. If these buses do not fit your traveling plans, there is public transport (bus to train station Ötztal ÖBB) or use the shuttle services ShuttleDirect or Oetztaler


The bus at Innsbruck main station is parked at the Frachtbahnhof on the opposite side of the train station building. In case you are delayed, please call Johannes Majer (mobil +43 699 10253808).
At the airport, Thomas Astner (+43 680 3148288‬) is waiting.

Tuesday 15.1.2019
16:30 Innsbruck Train Station
17:00 Innsbruck Airport
18:30 Obergurgl


Saturday 19.1.2019
12:00 Obergurgl
13:30 Innsbruck Airport
14:00 Innsbruck Train Station


single room: 129 €
double room: 188 € = 2x94 € single usage: extra fee: 35 €. (94+35 = 129)
triple room: 252 € = 3x84 €

Other costs (conference venue, coffee break, transport bus) are covered by our sponsors. Please make your own travel arrangements.


Workshop Email obergurgl2019@tuwien.ac.at

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Johannes Majer johannes.majer@tuwien.ac.at

Jörg Schmiedmayer schmiedmayer@atomchip.org

Nathalia Ares natalia.ares@materials.ox.ac.uk

Andrew Briggs andrew.briggs@materials.ox.ac.uk


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