Quantum Metrology (Research Area)

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Head of the Group:

Professors, Assistants, Lecturers:

Technicians, Project Engineers:


Diplom / Master Students:

Project Staff:

HausammannMichaelaM.A.141 206VCQ Assistant
KazakovGeorgyDr.141 859
SchlichtnerWolfgangBSc.141 720
SchreitlMatthiasDI.141 859
SchummThorstenUniv.Prof. Dipl.-Phys. Dr.rer.nat.141 896Head of Research Area: Quantum Metrology
SeresJozsefDr.141 895
SeresEnikoeDr.141 895
StellmerSimon PhilippDipl.-Phys. Dr.rer.nat.141 856